April 21, 2021

Our Self Purpose and God (My testimony)


in I didn’t know my self purpose or be fully aware of God throughout my life.

When I was seventeen, becoming a musician was my dream.

Playing guitar, writing songs and getting involved with artistic activities was a bliss.

Soon after graduating high school, my family and relatives gently pushed me towards a tourism career.

The lack of guidance and the lack of support from anyone led me to compromise and I started feeling lost and unhappy.

I was a young and a peaceful kid that didn’t want to upset anyone so I avoided conflicts.

Every time I tried to react, I would get more in trouble. So I tried to be as much as diplomatic as I could and I never confronted anyone about anything.

When I moved to Canada right after my graduation I tried to enrol to the music faculty for guitar at the University of Western Ontario.

Due to lack of basic music knowledge and half finished classical guitar studies I didn’t have any solid foundations to get in.

I should have gone to a local music school first to get the credentials needed first.

My family though didn’t know how to support me on this. And they decided that the tourism career seemed like the easier choice for me to have a more secure salary.

As I felt trapped and miserable…the environment where I lived also was negative and honestly soon I stopped loving life.

I felt lost…my parents where on the other side of the world and they thought that everything was fine. The lack of self purpose and the mental abuse led me to start working hard to make others happy but myself.

I tried to find answers but I still could not find myself or who I was….so I started reading esoteric philosophy and mysticism. The mystical path led me to experiences that I would never advise anyone to follow.

After an early tourism career full of stress and anxiety, my relationships with women was also not good. I mean really…how can you have a happy relationship with someone when you are not happy with your self.

Gradually I felt more confused and unhappy I didn’t know where I was going.

All of this led me to depression from the stress and daily struggle to go towards the wrong direction. I even attempted to commit suicide due to spiritual confusion and psychological pressure.

My relatives saved me from the whole devastation and took me to doctors, my mom travelled to Canada to see me.

I still felt lost, I didn’t know what to do, I even felt that my relationship with God was in turmoil, as if He wasn’t happy with me or that He didn’t appreciate me.

Because of that I didn’t have anything to do with churches or religion for years.

I recovered after a year and I started working in the hotel industry again. It built me up psychologically in the first year but soon I felt that I wasn’t evolving as a person. On the other hand I started having a deep thirst for music again, every time I played guitar I felt amazing.

Due to lack of knowledge to write a complete song though…as the years went by I decided to take classical guitar lessons. I started performing guitar for hotel guests, and one year I decided to take online music career consulting courses. I learned alot as I met other musicians who were far more experienced than I was.

One day my tourism career ended abruptly due to a serious burnout and I tried to make the shift from tourism to music. My dad called me to see how i was and I told him about my decision. Needless to say that he freaked out!

I told him that if I reached 35 years old and I wasn’t not happy with my life, I would leave my family and they would never see me again, and I hung up on him!

He called me back in a calm manner and told me that we should talk when we meet.

So I started pursuing a music career…!

I met great challenges on my trip to Europe to find a good location that I can make money to to finance my music studies.

Finally I started going for the classical guitar degree back in Greece, awhile after doors started opening up, my guitar teacher was well known for her teaching and things started finally happening!

The second time I moved to Canada, things were becoming even more uncertain in my home country due to the deepening of the financial crisis.

Slowly I started building my music career (website, making connections in the local music industry, making recordings, applying to the Provincial Music Teachers Association although my relatives still had doubts about my music career I was happy and later on they started seeing the fruits of my labour.

Now I am at the point of my life where my self purpose has been realized…

I ‘ve never been more confident, strong, happy, loving towards others and my self.

I feel like I am in touch with who I really am, I manifest my heartfelt desires and dreams with much more ease.

Self purpose….(whatever it may be) is the purpose of your soul, the reason why you are on this earth! Thats why God made you! So that you can fulfill your destiny in life.

Some are made to be doctors, others to be teachers, others to be bus drivers, or farmers, or whatever you feel in your heart to be, whatever you feel compelled to do in your life, whatever drives you, whatever you feel excited to do every morning you wake up.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough skills, education, experience for it, you can be completely mediocre at it but if you deeply love it you will search for information and approach the right people that will guide you. And why is that? Because God is leading you to it! God will give you opportunities, information and the right people that will build you up and make you of who you are destined to be!

When you chase your heartfelt dream God is proud of you! He looks at you from high above and He says, thats my boy! Thats what I made him for! Thats my girl! She is doing exactly of what I made her to be in life!

A lot of people you meet will disagree with you and thats because they still think we live in the industrial age. In the industrial age people who had machines (Ford e.g.) made lots of money!

And people who worked for these people worked from 9am to 5pm had a steady and secure salary, and since in those times money had alot more intrinsic value than today.

With one single job they could afford to buy a house, a car, raise 2-3 kids, educate them and still have money saved up in their bank account.

Those times though are now over. due to the increasing inflation in the economy, a young person 20-30 has to work 3-4 jobs to make the same amount of income, but for how long though can he/she can keep up working all these jobs? 1 year? 2 years max?

Many times I find it difficult to explain this to the older generations, many times they agree with me but in reality they stay the same.

We live in crucial times that only your self purpose will help you to not only survive but also thrive!

Next question is: What if your passion doesn’t bring you money??

Remember that Money doesn’t bring you happiness! Happiness brings you money! Happiness comes from love and self purpose

On the next post I will explain to you how to make more money with your self purpose and work on your finances.


Yours in prayer,

John Kakalas


© John Kakalas


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