April 16, 2022

Science and Religion (The gap is finally closing)

Science and Religion (The gap is finally closing)

As a modern society we still have gaps and contradictions that separate us from the truth.

A huge issue that has been forming human societies for thousands of years till today is the battle between Science and religion.


Since the dawn of time, kingdoms, empires and small societies placed religion on the top of their social hierarchy as a guide of maintaining their social structure, prosperity, safety and dominance in their regions.

Religion back then was not of how see religions today…it was rather a combination of social and natural sciences, technology, philosophy, history presented through myths and symbolisms and spiritual laws of the universe. This is evident in many great civilizations such as Bronze age Greece and later on, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Egypt, Sumerians, etc.

but around the 6th century BC something changed….In ancient Greece, the age of philosophy started and the birth of the natural sciences began to blossom.

Pre-Socratic Philosophers such as Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, and others began to search the answer of how the universe was born.

Later on from 470 BC – 399 BC Socrates will place his mark on the evolution of philosophy and turn it inwards through self awareness (know thyself) which would give birth to the social sciences. Plato who was one of his students, and later on Aristotle who was the student of Plato would set the foundations of todays western world.

As human wisdom philosophized¬† its way through the centuries the Greeks from being focused on religion they began to explain the natural phenomena strictly from a scientific perspective….they overlogicated the divine. There was a split between science and religion and which drifted them apart as centuries went by.

After the death of Alexander the Great which marked the beginning of the hellenistic era, sciences thrived and the conditions were ripe for the industrial revolution which was hindered severely by the Roman conquest and then later on sciences were subdued by a large extend by Christianity as the western world was entering the Medieval times.

I am not against Christianity, I am a christian myself with a close relationship with the Lord, but this article is to see the big picture of what God is trying to teach us so that we can evolve in His Cosmic Plan.

Bare with me on this, it will turn out very good! ūüėČ

The focus on the medieval times was mainly theology and not so much on the sciences and philosophy although in the Eastern Roman Empire these two co – existed. The ERE was a greek christian medieval kingdom that emphasized a lot on education. Yes there were some conflicts here and there but everyone accepted the fact that sciences lead to the book of God.

After the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD, slowly we begin to enter the Renaissance and then the Enlightenment Era. The sciences begin to emerge again from its ashes after 1000 years, philosophy was back in the game, and the status Quo of the Catholic Church being questioned due to strong signs of corruption led to the extreme contradiction against any religious doctrine. The paths between science and religion drifted apart more and more.

Now though as we go from the age of scientific discovery, we enter the age of scientific mastery and we learn to master the natural elements for our own purposes.

But there is something else unique happening…!

As sciences are progressing, scientists now discover that throughout the universe and nature there is a connection between religion and science. Common patterns are being found in many ways as humanity evolves.


-Holy water: Scientific research has shown through the microscope that the atoms and molecules of the holy water glow! The blessings being made by the priests transfer divine energy into the water.

-Psychology on Manipulative people:

Matthew 18:1-5

And he said: ‚ÄúTruly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

This scripture teaches us also about Psychology:

Psychologists have found that manipulative people were raised to be sneaky because their parents were too strict. Noone truly loved them, therefore they didn’t learn to love themselves and others and they feel empty looking for trivial things (money, power, sex, etc) hoping that they will find some sort of fulfilment in their lives.

Thats why the bible teaches us to love and pray for our enemies! Cause if we truly understand their position and why they act evil against us, then we feel for them, we see their position and the whole picture and we forgive much more easily and pray with more love and fervor for them. I am not suggesting that we should go close to them cause these people can hurt us in one way or the other. But we should definitely pray to the Lord to bring them close to Him. In this way we become much more aware of whats going on around us and helps us to become more loving and discerning in the situations that are in

When you are raised in a loving family who is close to God, you learn to love yourself therefore you learn to love others! But a lot of people in this world do not have the same privilege as other people do….! Their lives are hindered and held captive by wrong self beliefs, lack of emotional support, negativity, abuse, wrong environments, lack of basic needs, and this leads to other things of lack of self belief and low self confidence, and then this leads to escapism such as alcohol, sex, drugs, crime etc.

Science can help us connect with God and we can improve our lives, heal spiritually and psychologically and be delivered, and be blessed in this life and in the next.

I can go on on many other examples but I want to get to the point fast in this article.

Many scriptures in the bible can help us connect with our daily lives and also with the sciences of what they are today.

The ancient greeks had a proverb:¬† ¬† “Science without virtue is cunningness!”

And virtue comes from God!

Sciences are of God too! The only thing we have to remember that they are limited! No matter if we solve all the problems of the world! No matter if we heal all diseases and health problems of people they will always be limited in front of the unlimited vastness of God!

God gave the sciences to us through Ancient Greece and they became a huge part of the western world. Its a tool for us in this world just like money is and other things, they are not gods to replace Him. They tools so we can use them for the good of others!

A friend of mine once asked me:

-I have depression! Should I go to church or go to a psychoanalyst?

-I said: Do both! Fight it with all weapons! Just make sure your psychoanalyst is a good and caring person and more so if they believe in God!

Its the Godly virtue we carry and nurture that will define of how we use our knowledge and skills. If we are away from God then we will be selfish and trivial. But with the divine virtues we will only but care about the people around us and feel their pain and help for the common good.

Christianity in our times is about to come into full play ! And its a combination of two major rivalling cultures

The jewish culture and the greek culture.

The Jews spoke of God and the Greeks spoke of the things of God (science and philosophy)!

I truly believe that the future of Christianity lies in the full unification between religion and science/philosophy, only this time it will be much more broad and complete compared to the ancient religious wisdom which had everything combined in an initial form that existed before the age of philosophy , new truths shall be revealed by the Lord as the centuries goes by that will eliminate all contradictions. And mankind will realize a broader picture of God and the Universe and will finally understand its glorious role in His Divine Plan.


I ll just close this article with a quote by Albert Einstein :

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


Keeping you in prayer

John Kakalas


© John Kakalas





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