April 21, 2021

How to Connect Financial with Spiritual Prosperity

We can all see around us the hunger for greed, money and power, somehow we learned to connect everything with money (social status, glory, fame, prestige, recognition, popularity, admiration, bills expenses, the perfect life we dream of, etc), we also think that money is the way to get praise and respect from others but also live our lives with. The Mass Media reinforce this by promoting the rich and powerful in a way to make us think that they have figured out everything in their life and they live happily ever after.

Most of us get starstruck by that! We think that this is the ideal way of life….that money will give you the title of success and to be seen as someone who gets all the attention and gratification.

How far are we from the truth though!

Money is the worst motivator when it becomes a self purpose in our life, so you need to see it as a tool that can do many good things

  • Raise a family
  • Buy a house
  • Pay for your education
  • Give to the poor
  • Open up a business you love which will also give jobs and help the local economy
  • Donate to charitable organizations around the world
  • Be financially free and spend more free time with our loved ones or do the things we really love

Plus so many acts of kindness to do and in so many ways to make a difference once we have that free time…

We have to understand that money is given by God Himself to us, money is not our God, but its just a positive side effect when we enrich ourselves spiritually!

No, I am not talking about Prosperity Gospel. Prosperity Gospel limits itself only on certain verses in the Bible that sound convenient to people’s ears, and the word of God is not convenience, if it would be so, then we might as well go to Seven-Eleven and buy groceries.

The Holy Bible is the Truth, it talks everything about God and our true destiny in His creation. Through the scriptures God tells things as what they really are, the good and the bad, He hides nothing from us, He is not trying to scare us because fear is not of God, He wants us to see how things really are and Trust in Him because He is basically running the show.

Simply put, our spiritual wealth reflects our financial wealth. There is a connection between our thoughts feelings, beliefs and the reality outside of us. When we are in the positive inside of us and we persist of making it as a way of life, then our outer reality starts changing, negative things leave our lives, negative people, relationships, workplaces, habits and the list goes on…. even if it hurts at first to loose these things that we were attached to, be assured that in a few months time (or even sooner than that) you will look back and you will realize that your separation from them was a blessing in disguise. Better opportunities blessed by God will start coming into your life such as better and honest people, more meaningful relationships, deeper wisdom about life and your self.

So be financially smart but don’t focus on money too much, don’t let it frustrate you for various reasons whether you missed your financial goals, or loosing money, or paying too many bills, learn to let go of your loss, the less you focus on your loss the better things you will get financially for you once you build your thirst for the Word of God, all you have to do is use discretion upon each situation. Do not use the word of God in order to do a business deal to your advantage only but use it to create a win win situation by understanding the other person’s needs and wants as well.

Expand your financial knowledge and become spiritually rich but don’t be attached to money it self, don’t let it frustrate you when you loose money and don’t let your ego rise up when you gain money. Its not your utmost priority but merely a positive side effect. So maintain your self discipline which only takes programming and training your mindset.

Focus on higher values such as the Lord (know thyself, studying the scriptures, praying, etc) and love our fellow people (love thy neighbour). These two values are the most important in order for God to bless all the other aspects of your life.

My cousin Paul used to  tell me: “Money doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings money.”

When focusing too much on money, we loose sight of all that is important around us, God, relationships, family, friends, all high values go down the drain. And soon enough we loose both: our values and then our money, we enter a spiritual crisis which will soon lead into a financial crisis.

Have an abundance mindset but be detached from money cause you wont be taking it with you when you die! Money is not for us but its about doing all the good things in society (helping others, creating a positive impact in the world). Money is not our God, its only a tool.

You are probably going to ask me this: Then how come certain rich and powerful people that deep inside have disowned the Lord and mankind just keep living their lives on and on and nothing happens to them?

All I am going to tell you is this: Their Grace Period is over!

We are living in times where the truth comes out fast nowadays, nothing is hidden anymore whether its good or bad, thats because the Grace of God is getting stronger and stronger on this Earth, God is recreating the universe where only His truth will prevail. The truth travels fast these days in many various ways, one major thing is the internet. One post of compelling information could go viral all over the world in less than 24 hours.

And even when the human laws of justice do not work 100% right, I assure you that the spiritual laws that God has set upon His Creation always work! God is love but He is also God of justice!

So we need to be honest with ourselves and come close to Him, all we need to do is to develop our spiritual wealth through

  1. Self searching
  2. Repentance
  3. Confession
  4. Praying
  5. Fasting
  6. Being humble
  7. Not judge others but pray for them to come into repentance,
  8. When someone wrongs us, we can distance ourselves from them but still bless them, pray for them, show them mercy.
  9. Studying the Bible
  10. Giving value to others
  11. Do acts of kindness

All these things will help us gain divine wisdom and inner wealth thus reflecting our outer wealth including our financial wealth.

Focus on the things that matter and they will open the flow of the abundance of God!


Keeping you in prayer!

John Kakalas




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